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Waist Beads Separate Women From Girls

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

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Waist beads separate women from girls.

Customarily given to a young lady at the time of puberty, or first menstruation, these colored beads on a string represent the rite of passage to sensuality and fertility. A perfect fit for #TantricTuesday!

They are like organic lingerie.

The tradition of the waist bead garment has been used in many cultures for varying reasons. Belly dancers in the East can be seen bouncing the jewelry low on their hips while performing. Ancient civilizations used them as the first girdles, to hold up underwear; also to show status. Most notably, the beads remain an integral part of almost all African cultures, first documented in Ancient Egypt as well as with tribes in the countries of West Africa. The beads are typically worn at all times and underneath clothing – only to be seen or removed by the wearer and her husband, as a symbol of their divine bond, trust and intimacy. Although, in modern cultures we have seen them exposed. Consider the beads like a thong. It is up to the wearer whether they should be exposed, and for whom… “If a woman has many waist beads on, it will be hard to get in her pants,” says bead maker and movement artist, Ezama.

They honor the feminine figure.

Waist beads are tailored for the size of the waist, one of a kind! Non-discriminatory! They are meant to embrace your true shape, instead of trying to fit you into the shape that is currently in fashion. This is why many enjoy waist beads as a natural waist trainer. If you gain a few pounds or slouch your posture, they will grip tightly to your skin.

They magnify the wonders of the womb and mid-section.

The waistline is an area of the body where many people feel insecure. Adorning the waist with beautiful hand-picked jewelry brings confidence and pleasure along with body-awareness and acceptance. Either the wearer will choose the design or colors that are meaningful to her, or someone else will bestow the piece as a gift in times of lifetime achievement or milestone. Including crystals or semi-precious stones can bring to the wearer the healing powers of the Earth from which they come. Waist bead maker Moon recommends amethyst to protect wellness in the womb and to balance sexual energy. Sister Moon even creates beads for men!

The possibilities and benefits of wearing waist beads are endless. Tell us how you embrace your femininity and sensuality with your waist beads in the comments below!

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