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Solving the Plastic Problem

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)


Did you know that virtually every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today? It is a dangerous mess that we find ourselves deep within. Today’s world is disposable, invaluable, and generic. We can choose and reject romances with the swipe of a finger, grab a cup of iced coffee on the way to class and toss it out before we get there – just to repeat the same thing later that day. But after we throw all those red cups away in the trashcan after cleaning up a house party, they do not simply disappear. Plastic makes up 90% of all trash on the surface of the ocean. Many sea creatures, including the fish we eat, have consumed plastic this way…

On Thoughtful Thursdays we consider ways to impact our natural environment and be kind to all walks of life – including the fish! Our friends at Life Without Plastic have advocated for plastic elimination for over a decade selling alternative household goods that are several times reusable and more sustainable. Their latest campaign is working to launch the most eco-friendly lunch bag on the market.

In addition to being totally plastic-free, what’s cool about the bag is that it is made of excess organic cotton from a mattress factory, which would have otherwise gone to the dump.

This cotton is removable, washable, and offers incredible insulation compared to the cheap bags you get for free by spinning the wheel of prizes at those tents at the fair that ultimately try to get you to subscribe to the local newspaper.







Ditch the ziplock bags and check out @LifeWithoutPlastic’s Kickstarter before August 25 for more info and to find out how you can become a part of the project, whether by donation of funds or feedback on the product. While plastic sometimes seems unavoidable in today’s world, a small tweak in our daily habits could change the future of our planet. Everything is possible for those who believe!

-Bee Love

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