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Flowers to Attract Bees this Spring!

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

The reason we use bees as ongoing characters in our images and logo is because they are analogous to femininity. Bees are essential to the advancement of life because they spread pollen to help plants grow. In the same way, feminine energy is a nurturing spirit which fosters peacefulness, compassion and other traits that provide the calm readiness to continue on living. And like femininity, the bee is an endangered species. Today we offer tips to be more thoughtful of the importance of the bees and how to keep them around!

Choose Single Flowers

Those with a single ring of petals – have more nectar and are also easier for bees to invade than those flowers with multiple layers of petals. Try planting Alyssum, Asclepias (butterfly weed), Aster. Bees are especially attracted to these.

Get Wild

Plant wildflowers and species native to your area. They have evolved together with wild bees and feel just like home for them. Also, leave some of the dead wood, dry grass and reeds in your garden to provide good nesting spaces for bees. It doesn’t have to be all neat and perfect. Plant some Trifolium clovers and bushy Monardas or any members of the mint family to create that natural backyard jungle.


Go Blue, Purple, and Yellow

Bees love these colors the most! Plant some Geranium, Daisies, Black-eyed Susans or Zinnias this spring.

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