The 7 Cups

Transcendent Sunday

Today we enter into the realm where all is possible; allowing our imagination to run wild and be one with all that is. Sundays are often reserved for seeking out deep peace and serenity. There are many paths to this understanding. Our aim is to reflect on all things mystical, mythical and miraculous. Please contact us if you’d like to share a bit of your journey. We’d love to listen.

-Bee Divine


Psyche Saturday

Today we go into the mind, and beyond. Saturdays will examine some physical tools that may be used to help internalize the outer world and vice versa. We will also undertake some deep self-reflection and discuss inner guidance along our individual paths to enlightenment. Our goal is to seek wisdom  by breaking mental chains like self-doubt as well as preconceived prejudices.

-Bee Intuitive

Free-Speech Friday

This is a day to express originality and authentic voice. Today we study the many platforms of unique manifestation, and will spotlight artists of all kinds who seek knowledge beyond limitation. We will learn to listen deeply and view life through the arts.

-Bee Expressive

Thoughtful Thursday

Today we consider worldly solutions and compassion for all. We will inspire ways to love, forgive, heal, and show mutual respect. This is a day to exhibit kindness towards others, as well as Mother Earth. Humble generosity will unveil to us the true joy in creating deep bonds.

-Bee Love

Willpower Wednesday

 This day is dedicated to thy self: the ego, personality, identity. We will learn how to radiate our personal power into the world through fashion (not trends), diet and exercise, home improvements, and stress management, among other self disciplines. Today will be about choosing to take hold of your own life and motivating you to use your inner intuitive voice to defeat all challenges standing in your way of becoming your best.

-Bee Powerful

Tantric Tuesday

 This day is devoted to the power of feminine emotion and sensuality. Tuesdays will be concerned with relationships, pleasure, creativity, and passion. We will learn how presence in the moment can transform our lives with intimacy.

-Bee Creative

Menstrual Monday

This day will be focused on all things primal and earthly. We will be posting about physical survival in the form of menstruation, which is part of the cycle of female life. On Mondays we will learn about various methods to embrace all the effects of this time of the month, rather than dreading its arrival. Remember, this is a safe and open place to exchange perspectives. We gladly welcome all your inquiries, comments, and suggestions as to what you’d like to see on Menstrual Mondays!

– Bee Abundant