Menstrual Monday

The Truth About Menstrual Cups

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2018)

Can you really go 12 hours without changing it?

The truth is: Every body is different. My SckoonCup advertises that it can hold for 12 hours, implying a benefit that you don’t have to change it in public, since you can just change it twice a day: once when you wake up and then later in the night. However, I find that my flow is very heavy the first 1-2 days, so I end up changing my cup every 6 hours just in case. After that, it most definitely holds for 12 hours.


Do you have to wear a pad with it, just in case?

The truth is: No, you don’t. The cup’s suction seal ensures no spills. For real. I’ve never experienced a leak, except for when I waited too long to change it, in which case I have had overflow spillage situations. Also, if inserted incorrectly – meaning not allowing the cup to fully open up inside the vagina – that should be the only other reason for a leak. The cup needs to be fully open to ensure that the suction seals off spills.


Why are they so expensive?

The truth is: It pays itself off. At the time of this article, the SckoonCup (which is the brand I personally use and love) is $38.99 for a quality, cute, made in the USA product. Plus, free shipping. A box of 50 tampons at Target is a little over $10.00 including tax. Let’s say you go through 3 tampons a day for 5 days every month, that box will last you approx 3 months. With this math, you’ll spend $38.99 (the price of the cup) in one year, not including all the times you have to buy a new box because your period caught you unprepared… And so far, I’ve been going with my same cup for 3 years & going strong.

I love you all very much and care about your health and your wallet! I’ve teamed up with SckoonCup to give all my beautiful readers a 20% off discount when you buy your SckoonCup! Just enter the code: sckoon7 at checkout. Shop here.


-Bee Abundant

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