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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)


After completing one full month wearing my permanent waist beads, I am feeling confident, effortlessly sexy and more powerfully complete. I look at my naked mirror self just as much as the next person, but now I am constantly reminded of my inner beauty with the adornment of my beads – which have become a part of me underneath the costume that I wear each day (clothes, makeup, game face, etc.).

I chose to hang my beads closer to my hips, far below the smallest part of my waist, so that they wouldn’t show if I wear cropped tops. The first couple days wearing my beads, I would sometimes look down at them while chilling on the couch to see that they disappeared under a layer of belly fat! But now after only a month, I can look down and they are more visible. The beads work great as natural waist trainers because they pinch my belly throughout the day whenever my posture is bad or when I’m a little more bloated than usual, and remind me to flex and carry on. Now that I have worn them through my cycle and all, I feel more confident about wearing them 24/7. They do not show through my clothes and they are totally comfy in any scenario. Big shout out to my bead mentor and creator Ezama for the custom design. I am one extremely pleased client! (link to purchase below)

Follow this link @waistbeadsbyezama  to view her entire 1/1 collection on IG and find out how to place your own custom order.

And if you want to know more about the history and purpose of waist beads, follow this link to read my full article on waist bead magic!

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