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4 Questions about Period Proof Panties Answered!

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

“We get a new phone every single year but you’re telling me that 50 years have gone by between the invention of a tampon and the invention of a menstrual cup?!” speculates Miki Agrawal, Co-founder and She-EO of THINX Period Proof Underwear. The latest menstruation creation is the underwear that can be worn like normal underwear, without any other mechanism, while on your period. Seem too good to be true? We explore the ultimate period panty today for #MenstrualMonday.

What’s it made of?

The breakdown of THINX is as follows: Interior Innermost 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Middle breathable PUL, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Outer 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane; Trim 100% Polyester

Basically, there are 4 layers of material that serve their own functions:

  1. Top Moisture Wicking layer – Keeps you feeling dry as blood filters to the next layer underneath it.
  2. Anti-Microbial layer – Stores bacteria away from your skin so no worries about infections or rashes.
  3. Absorbent layer – Retains liquid blood.
  4. Outside Leak Resistant layer – Keeps blood inside panties and prevents leakage.

Are they ugly?

All THINX come in a sexy sleek black color and some in beige (must be dependent on their inventory). The many layers may feel slightly bulkier than usual cotton panties, but the style points far outscore the pair that you currently have in your drawer. There are 6 main designs that are meant for varying flows.

The Hiphugger ($34), Boyshort ($39) & Hi-waist ($38) undies claim to hold the equivalent of 2 tampons.

The Sport ($32) – holds 1.5 tampons worth

The Cheeky ($30)– holds 1 tampon

The Thong ($24) – holds about .5 tampons

They even have period-friendly Bodysuits!

All photos courtesy of the v cute THINX website

How can they be cleaned and how often?

Daily use will consist of immediate rinsing by hand after removal, then you may throw it in the washing machine (cold wash) along with the rest of your normal clothes, and then hang to dry. You may not use bleach or fabric softener in the machine. Since you wouldn’t want to waste time and resources on the washing machine each day of your own bodily cycle, a better option would be to simply hand wash your undies with soap and hang to dry! Check out this video to see a full demonstration.

Do they leak?

A ‘heavy-flow’ style panty is safely recommended by users to be good for 12 hours without leakage! This way, you have the convenience of changing in the comfort of your own bathroom at the beginning and end of your day. However, this means that you will need at least 2 pairs of panties so that you may have one to wear while the other is being washed and dried. Luckily, THINX offers deals for buying multiples.

Buy 3 pairs or more – save 10%

Buy 5 pairs or more – save 15%

Buy 7 pairs or more – save 20%

Keep in mind that if you are less than converted by the end of 60 days, you may receive a refund for your purchase.

Overall Benefits

On Menstrual Mondays we want to offer ways to love that time of the month and harness it as a magical supernatural part of your life. Who says you can’t feel sexy in period panties? Who says you need to be stressed for your entire cycle? Or for any portion of it for that matter? THINX Period Proof Underwear is a huge stride in the reusable menstrual product movement. Traditional products like tampons and pads that are only used for a few hours and then thrown into the trash are totally unsustainable and wasteful. No wonder there are increased taxes on these products. They are hazardous to water supplies and immense in landfills. Think about how many tampons you use during one cycle… now think about ALL women disposing of that much!

Whether using period proof panties as your first line of defense or as a backup weapon, (they work for both!) we think you will love their odor-combatting and comfort-centered abilities. THINX panties feature an elastic waistband for comfort and super-absorbent layers to prevent leakage for hours. The anti-bacterial lining eliminates any possibility of lingering smell. For those who prefer external menstruation products, while these panties will not leave you 100% dry, they are not as soggy and messy as pads. The cherry on top is that THINX donates partial proceeds to  AFRIpads in Uganda , a small business that produces reusable cloth pads locally and sells them at an affordable price to local girls while educating them on options they have while on their period. Many girls around the world currently resort to dropping out of school because they miss too many lessons due to bleeding.

Things To Get Used To

Your panties will have to be washed on a daily, or twice daily, basis. This will require consistency and some time consideration into your regularly scheduled program. In addition, you will need to buy multiple pairs, at least 2. This makes them a more expensive venture than say, Menstrual Cups , but a worthwhile investment in comparison to buying boxes of disposable products every couple months. Also, like any new toy, you will have to learn to interact with it personally. Every body and flow is different, so prepare accordingly. Still bring another pair in your bag with you if your first couple days are known to cry rivers. You know yourself the best!

Videos of period panties being tested:


This is the Padkix made of a dual layer of bamboo, microfiber cotton, and liquid blocker. It claims to hold 3X the amount of blood as a normal pad.

-Bee Abundant

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