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Don’t F Up The Feng Shui: A 5 Step Guide to a Peacefully Balanced Bathroom

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2017)

Whether you’re a busy student, parent, or any type of employee, you know that a bathroom break is the only place for complete solace. It is where you can be alone, even for only a moment. From ancient Chinese philosophy and architecture we learn principles for directly influencing the flow of energy. Today for #Willpower Wednesday, we want to suggest ways to bring maximum harmony and positivity into your life through home improvement and adornment. We believe that once you have order internally and at home, only then can you move forward with your external public life. It’s not just a Kid Cudi song. Here are our 5 best tips for improving your safe place:

Avoid Straight Lines

Straight lines rarely occur in nature and, as humans, we are drawn to natural life. Straight lines also allow chi, or life energy, to flow too quickly out of them. So get creative and throw up a brightly patterned shower curtain or rug! Consider sitting a plant on a windowsill or shelf, as an extension of earth. It also helps to think of the 5 basic elements: earth, wood, water, metal, and fire. A balanced design aims to incorporate each of these.

Fix the Door

Your door is likely the wood element in your bathroom. Maybe your door makes a sound every time it opens and closes; or perhaps it never stays closed all the way. Although small, these problems can still be affecting your mood. You probably get slightly annoyed every time it happens, but just ignore it by now since you have grown accustomed. Think about eliminating even that small moment of negativity in your daily life by oiling the door hinge or sanding down the edges of the door so that it can move with ease, and so will you!

Keep the Toilet Seat Down!

This one is not just to appease the ladies, but also an important symbol of movement in your home. The toilet is one of the water features in the bathroom and also a point of exit. The Chinese relate water to wealth so if your toilet is open, then your money, among other things, may be flushed out of your house and your life. We suggest keeping the seat down, the shower curtain closed, as well as the door closed – to prevent interruption of the flow of energy in your home. Everything in its place.

Clean the Windows and Mirrors

Often times, cleaning the bathroom is thought to consist of only the major players: bathtub and toilet. The back strain of scrubbing these alone can steer attention away from the other parts of the room. We encourage maintenance of the metal elements like mirrors, windows and windowsill to allow sun and positivity to shine through!

Have Candles or Incense

Keep candles, incense, herbs, or oils to rid the room of old energy (and odor!) and welcome new. Burning a stick of incense or even a bundle of sage or palo santo revitalizes the room, whether you light up upon entrance and waft in the healing aroma while you’re in there, or before you leave for the next user to be comforted in its lingering fragrance. This is the element of fire.



Tell us how your life is improved by navigating feng shui!

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