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Amelia Earhart Is Willpower

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2017)


Today marks the 82nd anniversary of the first ever solo flight made over the Pacific Ocean: from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California.

Most of us remember Amelia Earhart from elementary lessons as being the 12th licensed female pilot in history, so today for #Willpower Wednesday we dive deeper into the personal characteristics that made her an icon on top of a prototype for pioneers in any workforce.

As a youth, Earhart was an adventurous and mechanical type of girl. In her 1932-published autobiography entitled The Fun Of It, Earhart describes some of the typical activities she could be found being scolded from her grandmother about, such as trapping the neighbor’s’ chickens or sledding belly-down and head-first between the legs of a horse. She felt out of place on the occasions that she would wear her gymnast suit to play around town on the weekends while other girls her age pranced about in frilly skirts.

I am not suggesting that girls jump out of their cribs and begin training, but only that the pleasure from exercise might be enhanced if they knew how to do correctly all the things they can do now without injuring themselves or giving a shock to their elders.”


Her memoirs beg from an early age to embody self-confidence in all endeavors, but also for equality in opportunity for boys and girls in the way they are raised. Upon retrospection, Earhart gleams that her personality was always destined to break barriers. This is something that we can all apply to our own modern lives. She recognizes how early familial education, personal gravitations, habits, and special interests since childhood and throughout life would lead her in the direction of her future career path and ultimate joy. The opening of her autobiography (which is a fabulous read even without considering that she only wrote as a side job to what she is known for) says it best:

“There is a thread of my father’s being a railroad man and the many trips we had together – by which I discovered the fascination of new people and new places. There is the thread of liking all kinds of sports and games and of not being afraid to try those that some of my elders in those days looked upon as being only for boys. There is the thread of liking to experiment – perhaps this thread is the same one… inside me that has always liked to try new things. There they all are, weaving in and out and here and there through the years before aviation and I got together.”
Outfit slaying, just saying.

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