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Your 5 Burning Questions About Switching to the Menstrual Cup

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

Can you have long nails?

Yes! My nails are always long. I once dropped out of a pottery class in HS (and also piano lessons) because I wasn’t allowed to have long nails. With the cup, I never have problems! The only time I ever tried acrylic nails, they were more than twice the size of my normal nails and even then, they didn’t poke or scratch my insides AT ALL.


Does it leak?

Most cups advertise that they can hold for 12 hours, which is mostly true, but everyone is different. Personally, my first day flow is Niagra Falls, so I change my cup every 5 hours or so for the first day or 2 of my cycle just to be safe. After that, it can last 12 hours for sure! My favorite part of the cup is that you get to know your body better while using it. You will start to see patterns in your flow right away.


How do you get it out?

I insert my index finger first to feel for the stem of the cup. Then, with index finger and thumb, squeeze the base of the cup to break the suction and pull out. Dump blood in toilet.


Why does it look so big?

The cup is malleable and fits to the shape of your body. It does not remain the same size or shape as when you see it or hold it in your hand. You will fold it up prior to insertion so that it is not much different from the girth of a tampon. (see cute diagram)

Is it sanitary?

As long as you wash your hands before and after changing your cup, the process is totally safe and easy. After my cycle is over, I wash my cup with soap and water and then boil in a pot of water to sterilize until next month.


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-Bee Abundant

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